Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4Player WTFcast Live: Episode 4

AKA Ace Attorney Podcast
AKA DuckNow31 Podcast
AKA Cineaste's Shitty Internet Podcast
AKA Nerdiness Interrupts Us Again Podcast
AKA Boobs Are Great Podcast

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Gave All The Hosts Admin Powers


4Player WTFcast Live: Episode 3

AKA Goddamn Nerds with Hot Yogurt Podcast
AKA New Website and Forums Podcast
AKA RIP in Peace Podcast
AKA Everyone is Sick Podcast
AKA Chris Davis Digs for Gold Podcast

Ikusa is on the blog.

Man this is so weird right now. Maybe I'll do some things with this blog when I have the chance(like anyone will ever see it). But for now have a dancing Stephen A. Smith.

Here's to things going well!


I have arrived

Here's Pjunk humping a Christmas decoration. 

I am here.