Saturday, August 13, 2011

4Player WTFcast: Episode 8

AKA You Might as Well Skip to the Aftershow at 1:02 Podcast
AKA Madea Podcast
AKA Bar Soap Made of Cum Podcast
AKA :V:VV:V:V::VVV:VV::V:V:VV:V: Podcast
AKA Illegal Immigration Podcast

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Featuring: pjunk, ShilohDeGreat, Jonesy, Zachkoromaru, Zimmydoomday, Leenad, TheCineaste

Intro: Who's That Boy - Carlito
Outro: One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

The first AKA title is there for a reason. The main show is pretty much 80% Madea jokes, and more actual discussions happened in the aftershow (about an hour and 2 minutes in). But hey, more power to you if you want to listen to the whole thing.

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