Saturday, July 30, 2011

This week's WEEKLY BOX (Week of 07-30-11)

It has sure been busy for me I tells ya!
I'm getting ready for a trip up to P.O.O.P.CONVENTION to see if the decisions I've made bode well with the others. Who knows, maybe they'll be jealous of my skills.

So, that's why I haven't gotten around to adding a WEEKLY BOX on the 28th.
That's also why I wont be adding a WEEKLY BOX on August 4th. Unless I get the chance that is.

But enough about my P.O.O.P., lets get on the the matter at hand:

The next two week's WEELKY WEEKLY BOX these weeks are Humor Quotes.

Do you like humor? Are you humor...ous? Well don't get caught in an unfunny trap!
These funny quotes from funny people are sure FUNNY.
You'll be,, even...! (that's a combination of both)

Well... not always. Some of these are serious ideals posted by very intelligent people.

But that's the joke!

Oh, and I guess the box is kinda cutting off the quote.
I'd say sorry, but then that wouldn't be... funny.


You could just post in the WTFcast thread, but ok.