Friday, July 8, 2011

Our NEW (un)sponsored ad campaign

So in these tough economic times where government bail-outs are only available to notable "businesses," us here in the "podbiz" are forced to make tough decisions.

Expectantly me, the guy in charge of "Podbiz Operations and Oversight Procedures." Handling all that P.O.O.P. can be tough. Especially with so many other podcasts out there trying to get noticed like we are.

P.O.O.P. research has shown me that most 'small time' podcasts usually dwindle out before they get a good foothold. The majority of the cast lose purpose, which in turn puts the crew (who want to work) out of a job. We should just be lucky that we only have like a handful of dudes.

So, what a better way to boost motivation and traffic then advertisements? That's right! Starting now, I plan on setting up a weekly (on average) spotlight over in the bottom right corner of the site here. You'll see a range of ads from movie promos, to famous people quotes, to illegal flash versions of "old school" video games.

Because of this, not only will we see traffic from aggregate sites like "The Google", but we could also (potentially (maybe)) see a profit from this! We can then use that profit, send it back into the P.O.O.P., and set out for larger scale ads. By doing these things, I predict in-podcast ads by the end of 2013.

It's all big business baby! Just look at the big picture!
Thanks for checking out the site and be sure to come back EVERY WEEK FROM NOW ON HELL JUST MAKE IT YOUR HOME PAGE!!!

Anyway, this week's WEEKLY BOX is the most popular movie in this series: Shrek: Forever After. The countdown may be looooong over, but the humor sure isn't! Make sure you go out to your local Hollywood Video and rent yourself a copy! Or pick one up if you can afford it.

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