Thursday, July 7, 2011

4Player WTFcast: Episode 4

AKA Everything is a Loli Podcast
AKA The Start of Something Wonderful Podcast
AKA Only Came for the Pictures Podcast
AKA Be a Family Man Podcast
AKA We're On iTunes Podcast

Download 4Player WTFcast: Episode 4
Featuring: pjunk, ShilohDeGreat, Jonesy, Zachkoromaru, Zimmydoomday

Intro: Fuck Shit Stack - Reggie Watts
Outro: Guile Theme

The one where we did nothing but look at terrible pictures.

Link Dump
SneakPeak-CrossroadsofDestiny by PureJasmineBlossom
Maiko by TaylorEatsPeople
Sonic-No rings for you by TheCunningCondor
Thinking With Portals, Pony by Sefling
Naruto: The Ramen Nazi by Jay-san80
Seinfeld by Higashidane
Gandalf by Higashidane
Seinfeld by theTrenchbyJGREEN
homer naruto by boulett
Seinfeld Four by PrimaDonna9396
Donky 'or MLP' Gir by Teagrrs
Mrs. Sparkle by thechosenone12
South Pony- Twilight Sparkle by Toonfreak
"every time this is submitted, it will be posted
I'm gonna sing the Pony song by Tybay
Xandir from Drawn Together
Jerry by Chrono1209
pokemon, MLP, and naruto all on one horrific orgy
My Little Pony 2 by ToxicStarr

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