Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4Player WTFcast: Episode 10

AKA Part the Red Sea Podcast
AKA Zimmy's New Mic Podcast
AKA Non-sexual Junk Touch Podcast
AKA Famous Toons Facials Podcast
AKA This is a Quiet Podcast Podcast

Download 4Player WTFcast: Episode 10
Featuring: pjunk, ShilohDeGreat, Jonesy, Zachkoromaru, Zimmydoomday, moses526

Intro: A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris
Outro: Eleanor Rigby - Dirt Poor Robins

Recorded a little over three weeks ago. Episodes 11 and 12 will also be up within the next few days. College work and other priorities have been keeping me busy and unable to edit immediately after recordings, but the WTFcast is far from over.

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