Sunday, September 25, 2011

4Player WTFcast: Episode 12

AKA This Is the Botchcast Podcast
AKA Incestuous Slurry Podcast
AKA Females in Gaming Podcast
AKA Sports Illustrated Trading Cards Podcast
AKA Alt+F4 Podcast

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Featuring: pjunk, ShilohDeGreat, Jonesy, Zachkoromaru, Zimmydoomday, Charmanda, Hudson, TheCineaste, WarpedPixel

Intro: Mick Iz Cool - Nuclear Suplex (AKA Adam Young/Owl City)
Outro: WWE Mankind Theme Song

With a few guests joining in the middle of the podcast, this episode is a little longer than usual. But it's ok because we talk about incest for a while.

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